Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I flush the PeeCone?

No. The PeeCone should be thrown into the trash at your earliest convenience. If there is no trash available, such as in a mountain setting, simply pop it into a zip lock bag and carry it to the nearest receptacle. The PeeCone can also be burned in a safe enviornment.

2. Can I use the Peecone while wearing any type of clothing?

Yes. Skirts and shorts only require that you move one leg of your underwear and or shorts to the side. You can easily use the PeeCone with pants as well. Just open up the front of your pants, loosen and pull the front down, and move your underwear to the side. There just needs to be enough space to allow the PeeCone to be in the correct position. Look at our "how to use" for examples.

3. Is the PeeCone a collection device?

No. It works like a funnel, so the urine is directed away from your feet.

4. Is it necessary to use toilet paper with the PeeCone?

It depends entirely on yourself and your situation. You can remove any drops that are left behind by slowly moving the PeeCone to the front and catching them with the back of the PeeCone.

5. Does the PeeCone get soggy after use?

No. The PeeCone has a finely waxed coating, which prevents it from absorbing water.

6. Sometimes I only want to take 1 or 2 PeeCone with me. What is the best way to carry them?

The PeeCone has a fold line down the middle that allows it to fit into an average pocket or purse.

7. Is there a PeeCone available which is re-usable?

At this time there is not a reusable PeeCone available. We have found that the demand for this is very low, and that most women would consider it to be unhygienic.